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Fog Deserted Street by Nicky Jamesn

Fog Deserted Street - 0734 by Nicky Jameson

Fog Deserted Street

Queen’s Quay West, Toronto on a cold, damp foggy Saturday morning bereft of street cars and almost bereft of people. A fog deserted street. I find taking photographs in the fog  fascinating… ordinary things peer out from the fog and feel ghostly and alien as they disappear into the fog. The fog also rises and falls like waves falling from the sky…. it’s like you’re in a different and mysterious, awe-inspiring world.  For this fine art photography shot I stood in the middle of the road to get the composition and feeling of empty deserted-ness I wanted. I thought that at any minute a car could drive past or a streetcar arrive.  I wanted the lone person (I did say almost deserted!) in this scene, the street car pilons and wires, as they too disappear into the fog, the reflections of the transit and traffic lights on the wet ground. I decided to go with the mood of quiet space and that strange, muffled silence that only fog seems to create…and bring that across in this scene. For a short time it was just me and space, in the fog, completely deserted.  It’s rare that this street is so completely deserted and perhaps only the traffic cones give away that construction lurks a just few feet away. Yes, even in the fog, an ordinary street can reveal a beautiful story, thank you art photography.

I invite you to step inside the scene with me.

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