New Art! Piccadilly Afternoon Rush – Canvas Print

New Art- Piccadilly- Afternoon Rush – Canvas Print!
I am very proud of one of my newest canvas print artworks called Piccadilly – Afternoon Rush and I hope you like this new art as much as I do. I have been embracing even more technology in my work and it has enabled me to open yet another door to my creativity that of actual brushstrokes and painting and creating new art. It is very exciting – although it does mean that – as with all learning – I have had to slow down in my creating to learn how to become proficient at my new methods. As I learn I continue to use layers and textures in creating my art and I am very happy to see that more of them are going out into the world to grace new homes and spaces. You can get your own Piccadilly art at the click of a button and currently you can go large and not have to worry about shipping costs. They are all included over $50, which is a deal you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere for stunning original art prints. Each artwork created takes me many hours, time and thoughtfulness and my constant effort to listen to the emotions and message that I want to express to be true to my mission of creating emotional art that connects us with Home. Each artwork is also a one off. I start every one of them from scratch and so each design is different and unique.
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With thanks to all my collectors… thanks for being part of my mission.

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