New Art – City Blue in an Alien Sky

London Wall art by Nicky Jameson

City Blue in An Alien Sky  Watercolour, textures and grunge layers on paper or canvas

London Wall Art - Gherkin City Blue in an Alien Sky
Another take on a magnificent icon of London Architecture

This is a watercolour treatment of my photograph one of my favourite London Buildings, the Gherkin.

I don’t often feel in a creative rut, however as an artist having spells when things seem a bit bumpy or when it’s hard to find flow come with the territory. So it’s good to have a few go-to things to do when you’re not “feeling it” as much. It’s hard to be on all the time. In times like this I take a walk, wander down unknown streets and go back to some of my older photographs to see what new creative take I can give them. City Blue in an Alien Sky was partly from such a journey with one of my Gherkin photographs.  The great thing about photo artistry is that the possibilities are endless. So as well as a different take on a photo I can go still further by learning a different technique and even add a bit of surrealism and come out with more than another architecture photo.  Add textures and distress it. And instead of trying to get perfectly sharp lines I found it relaxing to to paint broken lines outside the lines. All comes together when we allow ourselves to relax into our art.

City Blue in an Alien Sky is available as a beautiful canvas print as well as a framed art print.

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