How Art Plays Into Interior Decoration

How Art Plays Into Interior Decoration

By Sally Phillips – Guest Contributor

Most of the time when we go into a room we can react in a number of ways to the room, the space and the decor. We register whether the room is large or small, whether we feel calm or full of energy. But did you know how art plays into Interior design to create the feeling and ambience of a space?

Read on for some interesting facts about how art plays into interior design. Some food for thought for when you purchase your next artwork.

Interior design is a difficult job that combines the practical necessities of keeping a room spacious and useful with the demanding nature of artistic taste and eye-drawing detail. And the latter can be more important than people think because artistic layouts and design can make space seem bigger or smaller through optical illusion. Making a home or office space feel like a place people want to be in takes a discerning eye capable of melding these two demands.

Layers of Spring By Evie Shafer - How Art Plays into Design and Decoration
Photo by Evie Shaffer on Unsplash

Balance In All Things

It’s a common approach in interior decoration to start with the artistic additions to a room and then design from there. Still, there’s a concept in art known as negative space, and while we don’t know why humans mentally react to it the way they do, people tend to feel more calm or satisfied if a busy area is balanced with an empty one. Designers use this to balance practical additions, like desks and chairs, with colorful paintings or unique scents from candles and floral arrangements that contrast with them.

Reduces Eye Strain

Another reason this can have a practical benefit is that our eyes are instinctively drawn to certain shapes, colors or patterns. Have you ever looked at a spiraling line? After a moment your eyes become overwhelmed, and as they try to make sense of the information, the spiral should seemingly begin to spin. Effects like these near areas where you want to focus your attention, like a television or study desk, can be distracting and lower the overall quality of a room.

Improved Layout And Design

Finally, we need to consider how art plays into the design itself. Art is as much about layout and patterns as it is visuals and attention-grabbing. Many designers use the Golden Rule of Art, for example, which divides space into thirds as it distributes furniture and islands. It then distributes the space into a two-thirds, and one-third area, repeating inward. This layout can make walking through a room feel quicker and draws attention towards the center of the room.

Interior design is a busy job which balances the practical layout of a room with its subconscious ability to draw the eye, make us feel at ease, or make people feel unwelcome. Designing a room with art in mind can change the whole look of a room. It can make people feel at peace, or draw the eyes to a particular detail or area when used appropriately. And it can give the illusion of more space, or lead people as they enter the room to step into particular areas, without them ever noticing.

Sally Phillips

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