Painting Constable Clouds

If you’ve been following my Instagram where I post regularly you will be aware that I have been exploring yet another form of my artistic expression – painting. I am very excited to add digital painting to my list of skills and while I am far from the 10,000 hours of practice I am quite pleased with (and rather surprised by) my progress so far.

Sunset Clouds Over the City by Nicky Jameson

Painting seems to take over a completely different groove in my head… compared to my grungy digital collage artwork and photography and yet there is much that is the same – like light, rules of composition and focal point. It’s all one big creative canvas, right? and it’s great to explore different aspects as I go through my lessons. And because I am learning and practicing I feel I can take the pressure right off myself. Especially as part of that learning curve includes learning to digitally paint with Corel Painter (I had Painter on my computer for ages and never touched it because, well it was very intimidating. Last year I found some courses that encouraged me to take another look… I haven’t looked back. On the other hand I do wonder… do I have a thing for big bold dramatic cloudscapes?? We shall see.

Storm Clouds over the City – A cloudscape painting.

I am already thinking of how to bring together my painting, textures, grunge and layered collage somewhere down the line and I can’t wait to be able to paint some surreal fantasy creations. Or just paint without really “thinking” about it as I can with my textured art right now. The sky is truly the limit.

For now however I hope you enjoy my initial Constable Clouds painting efforts. These will be canvases, if and when I decide to sell them.

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