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Episode 19 – Guest Interview with Pianist and Music Theatre Director Matt Craig

Matt and I had such an amazing chat on this interview! We talked about music, Matt’s considerable musical accomplishments, how he started, his music influences, motivation, challenges on the journey and so much more, including learning dancing and teaching Modern Jive beginner classes with yours truly and our fabulous team at Jive Nation Toronto. Matt and I have been friends and dance partners for over a decade and it was an honour to learn more about this multi-talented and accomplished musician.

Listen to the Interview:

Matt plays Una Mattina by Ludovico Einaudi
Matt plays Clair de Lune by Debussy – Beautiful!

Listen to Matt Craig’s arrangement of Music from the film Inception: Dream is Collapsing and Time for Piano. Complex pieces, beautifully performed:

Visit Matt’s website to find out more about him (he is also a science teacher and app developer) for more videos of his music and even some dance demos.

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