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I’ve added new art in the London Collection and the Featured Section. I have been busy creating new art and it may take a while before everything is up on my online store, however I am pleased to say there is lots of new art to look at including a series of Cotswolds collage textured paintings and my London artwork such as Contemplation, which is the inside of St James’s Church Piccadilly.

A Cotswolds Street
Inside St James’s Church Piccadilly

Check out the Cotswolds series https://nickyjamesonart.com/collections/featured-collection in the artstore

Here’s what to do: 1. Visit the store. 2. Get yourself some of my new and unique creations. They take hours to create so it’s lovely to see them bringing energy to their new homes (and thanks to all who have shared their photos with me).

And 3. Get on the newsletter, where you’ll see all my latest art and thoughts I’ve been thinking (sometimes).

While I’m also a little tardy about updating the blog, it’s always with good reason – creating art and you can always follow me on Instagram to see my latest work.

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Then listen here now! There’s a lot going on there and much inspiration for us all, from art, music, photography, mental health, depression, friends and much more. And share it with your friends!

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I'm Nicky Jameson Digital Artist from London, England, based in Toronto. A Modern Memory Keeper, my mission is to create and share iconic and lasting London and Toronto Cityscapes, and connections to Home. Visit Nicky Jameson Art to view more of my creations and purchase art or visit to support my art and check out my membershipQuestions? Call 4165003314 or email via my contact form.