Epoch – A Historic Moment in Time

Epoch An Instant in Time

Commemoration Art

I created this artwork – called Epoch –  as a commemoration piece for a very historic event – Brexit – the UK leaving the EU after 47 years on January 31st 2020 at 11pm on the dot. It’s quite the event and incredibly historic. I’d been thinking for weeks about what I wanted to do, and I wanted it to be ready well ahead of January 31st. Often if I overthink things they can sometimes be challenging to create. Happily not this art. This one flowed from beginning to end. And although more than 50 layers, as soon as I added the first masking element I knew what I wanted to do. And it’s right in keeping with most of my UK collage-grunge art, where I use stains, textures, masks and other ephemera.
I decided to use a UK art piece I had created before as my main photo (called Fearless and one of my most popular art prints) some other pieces I’d done, and further expand on my British theme. Interesting because I did Fearless as a play on the Union Flag three and a half years ago.  So really we have a picture, in a picture, in a picture… representing layers and depth and time, history, iconic places, story and memory in my abstract expression.
I knew what I wanted the colour palette to be – red, white, blue… with a bit of black and just a hint of another colour I love. I layered sketched paintings of red telephone boxes and of painterly-finished London underground signs, london buses, the London Eye… several of my favourite iconic elements of what makes London, and home the fantastic city it is and the UK the amazing country that it is.
And I was so happy it all came together by midnight on the 30th, in time for January 31st… Brexit Day. I felt that everything else had to pause while I created this art.
Epoch is available as a print in several paper options, a canvas, acrylic and metal. All ready to hang.  It’s also available as a framed print on request and as always I have a range of standard sizes available from small to extra large.
And you can see it on my Instagram as well.
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