Art In Uncertain Times: Underground Looking for the Light

Underground Looking for the Light
London Underground Tunnel Collage

Art in Uncertain Times: Underground, Looking for the Light Collage Art

I have been doing a series of compositions called Art in Uncertain Times (didn’t want to call it covid19 art though they are done in this time) and they are artsy collage creations that come about with little or no planning and all by feeling and seeing what comes to light. Underground Looking for the Light was like that.

Often the most complicated part of creating my collage artwork is… choosing the photograph. I angst for ages choosing the photo and will often try several until I feel something click. It has to be the one that tells the story of the moment and with hundreds (thousands?) of photos and even more artsy textures that’s a lot of experimentation to create the new art. It’s worth it. Sometimes though, it all comes together rather quickly in the initial stages and the rest is much more fluid and¬† usually breathing a sigh of relief, I can think about blending and texture.

Which is good during this enforced confinement, because art takes my mind of covid19 completely.

One of the things I love most about photoart and digital collage is using my own photos. I ¬†always feel a deep connection with my photos and photography and that feeling spills into my creations, even though my aim is to “distress the photo” to tell another story and blend the real, with textures and collage into the abstract. Because what’s important are the stories and memories like how I remember being thrilled to get a photo of this Underground Station platform (I think it was Russell Square) deserted of people at a busy time even if it was only for a few seconds.

I hope to post up a few more short blog posts in the coming days. Remember you can always follow me on Instagram where I am able to be more consistent… because I don’t need to use as many words or think about if they make sense or not.

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