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Green Gables

Ashbridge House

 Urban Toronto – Ashbridge House Leslieville When Ashbridge House was built in 1854 Queen St was but a dusty Road. Ashbridge House is at 1444 Queen Street East in Leslieville. Toronto. It’s a two-storey brick …

Frozen Lake

Yet another of my favourite photographers, Ohio-born Berenice Abbott, once said “Photography helps people to see.” Abbott was a fabulous documenter, and an inventive photographer. Even if you studied this art photograph for a while, you’d still be hard-pressed to work out where the land ends and the lake begins.

Higher Perspective Fine Art Print

Higher Perspective Inspirational art prints

I can remember recently riding this escalator upwards in this station, which is Kentish Town, and being inspired by all the parallel lines simply escaping towards infinity. It’s among the things that inspired this art print as well as my love of all things that have perspective

I.T. by Michael Christian, Photographed by Nicky Jameson in Toronto

I.T. War of the Worlds?

The following day many newspapers ran with stories that Welles’ broadcast had caused mass panic with several hundred people fleeing their homes in fear of the Martian invasion, not realising they were listening to a fictional radio broadcast. It seems unlikely now that the panic was as widespread as the newspapers would have us believe.