How to Frame Your Art

Choices to Consider When Framing Your Art

When  you find a particular artwork that really inspires you, then the chances are you are going to want to show it off to your friends and colleagues when they come to visit your home or office. How you present that art, be it a stunning photograph or a gorgeous painting, is of vital importance. People are used to seeing art pleasantly framed, and the frame you choose is just as important. Here I hope to guide you through the choices you need to consider when framing your art.

Purple Flowers by Nicky Jameson

Do You Need A Frame?

This is the first thing you need to think about. Does your art actually need a frame? Some artworks look great without one. Paintings and photographs are often presented without a frame – they are printed onto canvas, then wrapped around stretcher bars and stapled at the back. As a result, you get a wonderful artwork without unsightly additions such as staples or nails. You might like to consider having your photograph or painting mounted in this way, and adopt the frame-free approach.

I’m Going to Go with a Frame – What should I do?

There’s quite a trick to selecting the correct frame – you want something that will enhance your chosen artwork, and not draw any attention away from it.

You need to choose a frame that’s in line with the style of the artwork you are going to mount. If your work is a “classic” piece, then you’re probably going to want a traditional frame – say something in gold-leaf or mahogany wood. If your artwork is more experimental, then you might want to think about a simpler frame – one that does not distract. You want people to be absorbed by your artwork, and not by the frame!

Summer Love II by Nicky Jameson

You can add depth to a piece of art by adding an inner, “floater” frame. If your artwork is small, you can enhance it by placing it within a much larger frame, and choosing a floater frame that’s an appropriate colour. Pick out the main colour from your chosen work and match it with the inner  frame. Don’t be afraid to experiment as well.

Seeking Inspiration

When you think about it, we are surrounded by frames everywhere as we go about our everyday lives. We constantly see the world through windows; we look at ourselves in the mirror, and we spend too much time in front of the television – these are all frames, in a certain way. Keep your eyes peeled as you are out and about as you never know when inspiration will strike and you experience a “light-bulb” moment!

Still Stuck? Seek Professional Help!

If you still can’t come to a decision, then head to your local gallery and take a look at the paintings and art photographs exhibited there and see how they are framed. An idea just might jump out at you. You can always ask the officials there if they know of an art expert who may be able to advise you when it comes to your choice of framing.

Art makes a wonderful addition to any home or office, and a spectacular or inspirational piece can make a real difference to a dull old undecorated wall. Get the framing right, and you’ll have yourself a piece of art you can enjoy and appreciate for years to come!

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