Top 3 Ways to Discover Great Art

Art, Where Art Thou? Top 3 Ways to Discover Great Art.

If you’re bored viewing the same bare, dully-painted walls day in and day out, you might like to consider spicing them up a little by adding a few suitable pieces of fantastic artwork to them. Once you’ve made such an excellent decision, the next question on your lips is likely to be: “Where can I find  some inspirational works of art?” I’ll answer that in this post. “By Grenadier Pond” is my artwork selection for this post.

By Grenadier Pond I. Art print By Nicky Jameson

Here are the top three ways of discovering great art, both in the bricks-and-mortar and cyberspace worlds.

Find Your Local Art Galleries

Unless you truly live in the back of beyond, there’s likely to be an art gallery within driving distance of where you live. Google is your friend in discovering the closest galleries to you, or you could just venture to your nearest metropolis and pick up a copy of the local newspaper or listings and see what you can chance upon.

If you’re unused to visiting  galleries you may find them a little daunting, as they can sometimes have a rather sombre atmosphere . No need to feel intimidated. If you’re fortunate enough to find a piece that really inspires you, there’s usually someone on hand to talk you through the process of making your purchase.

All the Fun of the (Art) Fair

One of the best places to discover brilliant artwork is at an art fair or arts markets as they are known in North America. You may have to travel a distance to get to one, but if you’re into your art, then the mileage is definitely worth it!  Even better are local art markets because you may be surprised to discover artists and artisans right on your doorstep, so to speak. Plan ahead as some art fairs may  have a limited number of tickets if they have venue size restrictions. You’ll find that for many fairs the entry is  low or free, so as long as you are prepared, it should be a smooth and easy ride.

Art fairs or arts markets are great places to truly discover affordable and unique artwork, as they act as galleries and outlets for both established and up-and-coming talent. You may just discover a delightful piece by an exciting emerging artist, and by ‘buying into’ their art you are supporting them and helping them attain that next level of personal success. Plus art shows any time of the year make for a great day out.  If you live in and around Toronto one popular arts market is the Toronto Indie Arts Market – there are many others. Look out for more on the Toronto art market scene in a later post.

Great Art – Virtually Guaranteed!

These days we spend almost as much of our lives in the virtual world as we do in the real world, so it only follows that you can discover great artwork online. There are plenty of brilliant online fine art galleries housing beautiful fine art in digital that can be framed, packed shipped to off to you and adorning your walls in a matter of days.

For example you can find this week’s art photograph “By Grenadier Pond I” at my artists website on Fine Art America, a large online art gallery that houses hundreds of works  for sale by established and emerging artists from all over the world (not just America).

Crated is one of the newest online art galleries on the block. Its fluid uncluttered design makes it incredibly easy to find buy and collect art online. You can also follow the artists you like so that you know when they’ve uploaded new work to their gallery. Be sure to visit Crated and discover some  truly stunning artwork and artists. The great thing about buying art online is that you can often pick up beautiful artwork at excellent prices and once you buy you have 30 days to see if you like it.

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So, there you go – discovering great artwork is quite an uncomplicated process, especially if you adopt the three-pronged approach I’ve outlined above. Forget dull, uninspired walls – they will soon be covered with some examples of the finest artwork available!

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