Nicky Jameson’s Solo Art Photography Show Running through July

Moody Toronto SKyline by Nicky Jameson

Throughout July visit my Artistic Photography Show,Carlton Cinema Toronto

Moody rendition of Toronto's beautiful skyline
Moody Toronto Skyline

Love Toronto? Want to know more about it?

Then be sure to pop in and visit my first solo photography show at Toronto’s Carlton Lounge, and take a super-realistic photographic journey through a few of Toronto’s well-known neighbourhoods. From Leslievill to the Waterfront, you may discover a Toronto you didn’t know existed and some aspects of this great city that you’ve taken for granted.

My mission is to tell my story and connect us all to stories, discoveries and memories of Toronto – connections to places we live… What better way to achieve this by creating artwork that reflects my story and presenting it for you to see? I’ve selected 14 prints featuring Toronto neighbourhoods and two featuring London England, and I’ve had some fabulous feedback.
There is one thing (at least) that I can say with certainty and it’s this: looking at art as pixels on a screen, even though large, is a far cry from seeing them presented, framed on a gallery wall. There is no comparison. When you see art “live” you can interact with it, let it speak to you. On a screen…. well, let’s just say it’s better in person. I truly believe art is meant to be experienced in person. My photography show has given me a deeper appreciation for my craft and how people experience it and ideas for how I can fulfill my creative purpose and mission. That is going to lead to more good things (and yes more shows!)

So, make it a point to go and see an art show. Any art show. Yes, it’s summer and most of us want to be out and about in the sunshine, however why not pop into a cool art gallery and contemplate some art? You won’t regret it. And us artists will thank you.

I am happy to say my solo photography show is still on and will run throughout July until August 4th 2015.
It’s at Carlton Lounge, Carlton Cinema, 20 Carlton Street and is open from 1pm til late everyday.  If you would like to purchase any of the show pieces, simply contact me for details.
Watch my video intro – Fine Art Photography show

I hope you like my  artistic photograph this week 😉 It’s one I took some time ago of the Toronto Skyline.  Usually we see the skyline from a distance, and I have taken many shots than encompass the entire Toronto Skyline. I like to change things up though and I find the Skyline even more fascinating up-front and close up and personal.  I wanted to emphasize a general moodiness (although on the actual day it was bright sunlight) so I gave it some dark overtones. Many of the buildings along the waterfront are blue or green, particularly the newer ones… in keeping with the rather nautical theme of the lake. For this shot, I was in a particular place… can you guess where? Well done if you do.

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Find more of my art at the Arts Market Leslieville or my online galleries here and here

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