Art Photography Summer in the City

Art Photography in the City

Elizabeth Tower, Westminster Bridge, Iconic London.Big Ben is the nickname for the Great Bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster and is often extended to refer to both the clock and the clock tower.  Officially the tower is known as the Elizabeth Tower and it houses the 2nd largest four-faced chiming clock in the world, Minneapolis City Hall's is larger. The beautiful lanterns on Westminster Bridge are green, matching the colour of the bridge.  I am truly fascinated by how clean the lamps are, considering they are out in the elements. But then, I shouldn't be, because I know they have an intense cleaning regime... a tradition.

Recent Art Photography – London

Taking Me Back to that Time on the Bridge

My moody shot of the lanterns on Westminster Bridge in London was actually taken on my trip back in April 2014. I wanted to take a very different view of something that I know is very often photographed yet which fascinates me. I love the detail in the lanterns (which meant getting up close) and the juxtaposition of the Elizabeth Tower (did you know that Big Ben is the name of the Great Bell of the Tower and not the actual Tower?) and the detail I can see in the clock tower. Clocks fascinate me and it’s a wonder I don’t photograph more of them.  I was very pleased with this photo however and as it was a rather overcast day I decided to get that to work for me. Sometimes you have to learn to work with the weather you have… I have found that often dull weather makes for some great results… if I listen and let my heart guide me. I have great memories of walking or taking the bus over Westminster Bridge when growing up and when going to and from work, and of course you take the view for granted.

Anyway I’ve been so busy with my Toronto photography (some great new places I’ve explored) that I’ve barely had time to work on my UK ones. Which is interesting because I will be back in the UK in September with many more travel photos to work on. So, I thought, better get a move on and at least get some done. The joy of photographs is that they never get old especially as prints so when it’s time to work on them it’s rather like visiting the time and place all over again – talk about travelling back in time!

Summer Art Photography in the City

Typically summer is the time to kick back and relax, however I have to say this summer been quite a busy time for me. I am very pleased to say that as I show and exhibit my art more and more people are discovering my photography and it’s so thrilling to see more of my artwork heading off to new homes, either as personal buys or as gifts. I have four pieces of artwork up for my show at the Carlton Cinema until end of August (the others have taken up residence at my Arts Market space at 1114 Queen St East, Leslieville), I  am preparing for my next Toronto show in November and to top it all, I just heard today that my Toronto Waterfront  2014 Photo Contest finalist photograph, “Winter Morning…” is going to be part of a 2 year exhibit in Toronto! A 5ft exhibit. How exciting is that? I wrote about “Winter Morning..” here back in September 2014. I am going to write more about the upcoming exhibit later so as always, stay tuned. To put it mildly, I am thrilled to bits. In the meantime enjoy my art photography as I continue to explore and create new depths, levels and emotions of places.Who knows where we’ll explore next?

My new Portfolio site is up and running and it’s continuing to grow – visit it often to see more of  my recent work and use the links to share the pictures and galleries.

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