Winter Art – That Day it Snowed

Winter Art  – That Day It Snowed

Winter Art by Nicky Jameson
Downtown by the Lake, Snowing, with Streetcar

It seems to have been snowing forever.  Fortunately for me I do enjoy Winter Photography and  creating winter art even though this year I avoided going out in the snow because it really has been so darn cold. Every so often however a scene presents itself, like this one and I get to create some unique Winter Art.

Downtown Toronto – Standing in the snow to get a photo of this snow scene was worth it. Down by the lake we also get a lake effect when it snows which can make for some spectacular snowstorms. Going well beyond the photograph I looked for some grunge textures that would add a special something to my winter art photo, and thought it might be a great candidate for trying out a new technique and so I was very happy to turn my humble photo once again became a lovely work of  winter art. Who would have thought waiting in the snow for a bit would produce this! Well, me!

So a bit about the photo… I love lines and perspectives and they are essential parts of my cityscapes; any time I can frame them free of obstacles I grab the opportunity to photograph a scene with them. They tell me stories and they provide structure,sometimes structure within chaos.  Maybe that’s where my thoughts were.  The snowstorm was actually my friend in this case…. most sensible people were not out and about in it… unless they were getting on the streetcar to get out of it… or taking photos. Once the streetcar came down Lower Spadina on  it was a a question of waiting and I had a few seconds to position myself and get my shot. I love to start with a well framed strong photo, even though I am almost always going to go well beyond it with grunge and textures and artsy elements it make a difference. The next stage was taking it onto my canvas and simply playing and seeing what worked with my textures, brushes and apps to turn it into the winter art it became. I actually created four versions and while I like the others this one was the first to sound that “inner ping” as I call it. I love the way it enhances the snow and makes it almost tangible and I created the light to complement the winter scene. I felt as if I could reach out and touch the snow.

When it comes to winter photography and the resulting winter art it is often a question of seizing the moment, going with the feeling. Then going to the canvas and laying down texture and paint to make a surreal scene.

There is lots to look at in this piece so I hope you have a great time doing so. It’s also available in  the Artstore as a beautiful art canvas and art print (and, I am pleased to say, has already gone off to grace a new home!).


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